A worldwide drug abuse crisis has affected thousands of U.K. citizens. The country has responded with treatment programs designed to help citizens detox and begin new, drug-free lives. Unfortunately, many rehab centers use a classic model that never reaches the root causes of addiction, so failures rates are very high. With that in mind, ARC (Addiction Recovery Center) was started by a team of concerned professionals. It uses a unique approach that is helping clients who failed in other programs. Many U.K. residents who want more information about its methods are now searching the Internet for the center’s home page.

Counselors Use a Different Approach

The first thing that ARC does differently is approach clients as people who need to focus on creating better lives instead of trying to fix themselves. Counselors understand that drug users are not broken. They are caught in a downward spiral due to brain changes brought on by drug use. Professionals use scientific principles to help clients refocus. Experts also offer a range of therapies and match clients with the ones that work best for them. They get higher success rates by avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach.

Staff Members Understand Clients’ Problems

The program is also administered by professionals who have overcome their own drug issues. They can truly understand what each client is going through. Staff members are warm, friendly, and empathetic. Counselors and therapists know from first-hand experience how hard rehabilitation can be, especially during the critical first days. In addition to keeping clients as comfortable as possible during detox, counselors ensure they stay busy and active. That helps them stay focused on their goals.

Rehab Takes Place Away From Home

Many clients also succeed in the program because it takes place away from the areas where they became addicted. The rehab center is located in a central region that makes it difficult for recovering addicts to be affected by places and people that got them into trouble in the first place. They are also removed from family and friends. That gives relatives a break and allows clients to stay free of distractions and be goal oriented.

A U.K. drug rehab center called ARC is using a science-backed approach that succeeds where other methods fail. Warm, friendly staff members with personal drug recovery experience guide clients and help them create life-affirming goals.